March 24, 2016

Employee Benefits

We’re your strategic partner for affordable and flexible coverage that maintains retention, and healthy, happy and productive team members.

  1. Affordable – Employers can find that coverage that they can afford as well as their employees.
  2. Flexible – Employees can choose what kind of coverage works best for them based on their individual needs.
  3. Employee Retention – Employers are always looking for ways to increase employee satisfaction and this is one solution.

Imagine saving 20 to 60% on your current benefits with our cost saving approach!?

What are employee benefits?

Employee benefits are a form of compensation paid by employers to employees that are above the specified amount of pay as a base salary or hourly rate of pay. Benefits are a portion of a total compensation package for employees.

What else should you know?

Social Security, Unemployment Compensation, and Workers Compensation are required by law.

Health and life insurance, medical plans, paid vacation, pensions and gratuity are voluntary benefits offered by an employer.

What’s the bottom line?

Your best employees know it’s not about the wages or salaries.

It’s about the benefits.

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